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Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committees of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Employees' Benefit Association (SEBA) have been created to support or opposes candidates and initiatives that impact the safety of our communities and the livelihood of our members.

The Political Action Committees of SEBA consist of the following:


•  Federal Political Action Committee

•  State Political Action Committee

•  Local Political Action Committee

SEBA is dedicated to protect and promote the well-being, and image of its members in the areas of:


•  Collective bargaining

•  Protection of member rights

•  Political action to promote the goals of the Association

•  Services of benefit to the member

•  Community Involvement


PAC to Charity Re-Direction
PAC to Charity Re-Direction Cancellation

We are active in various elections held in most election cycles. For those candidates and officeholders who are interested in applying for possible support from us, please download our Candidate Endorsement Information Packet , which contains all of the information on how to apply for assistance.

Click here to Download Candidate Endorsement Information Packet
*If you do not have Adobe Reader, You can download it here.
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