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Since 1946, SEBA has been the recognized bargaining unit for the San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriffs and District Attorney Investigators. Since then our membership has grown to over 3,100 members including Coroner Investigators, Welfare Fraud Investigators, Probation Corrections Officers, and Specialized Fire Services.

SEBA is dedicated to protect and promote the well-being and image of its members in the areas of:

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Protection of Member Rights
  • Political Action To Promote The Goals of The Association
  • Services of Benefit To The Member
  • Community Involvement
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  • New Horizons Learning Center

    Privacy For Cops Bemefit

    Protect Yourself - Comply With Policy

    As a result of lawsuits directed at the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and the County, SEBA would like to remind our members to protect themselves from undue legal liability by following policy.

    Please watch the short video attached to learn more about our policy compliance campaign.

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    Union Choice our Preferred Lender

    Dear SEBA Member,

    We are proud to remind you that Union Choice is our Preferred Lender. Union Choice has been serving Law Enforcement for their home loans since 1998 and serving SEBA members for several years. During these high-tech times, Union Choice can complete most of the entire transaction from the convenience of your own home or computer. The majority of their loans are completely funded within 21 days. They make what can be a stressful interaction a simple process. Union Choice understands county payroll systems, shift work, and certainly your personal confidentiality concerns. Their com- mitment is to provide the highest quality of service to all SEBA members while provid- ing the best loan for your needs

    Union Choice is ready to serve you, please call them when looking for any mortgage needs.


    President Laren Leichliter


    New Benefit – Tuition discount for the University of La Verne

    Earn your Bachelor's or Master's degree.
    Flexible, convinient, and affordable.

    Eligible SEBA employees receive a $100 per unit tuition reduction for most La Verne programs.
    Discount Program Flyer

    University of La Verne Admission

    SEBA Attorneys In The Office
    RLS Lawyers

    Law Enforcement Personnel - Protect Your Privacy!

    You have the option to NOT have your name displayed as the current owner of a parcel on the county assessment rolls and to have your information removed from any of the Assessor Information Systems.

    Download and complete Form ACO031.

    San Bernardino County Assessor
    172 W. Third St
    San Bernardino, CA 92415-0310
    Attn: Jennifer Ruiz, Transfers Section

    Or fax to (909)387-0136
    For more information, contact the Assessor’s Office at (909)387-0106

    Protect Your Home – File a Declaration of Homestead

    In California, creditors are free to place a judgment lien against your home to claim some debts. The lien is paid when you sell your home. The creditor, though, is only entitled to the equity portion of the sale. To further limit the creditor's claim, you can place a homestead declaration on your property. This allows you to retain a portion of the equity in your home should you opt to sell it. Whether to claim a homestead declaration depends largely on your situation. Homestead declarations only provide protection against creditors who file a lien while you are living in the house. You cannot claim the protection if you were not living in the house when the judgment lien was filed. As well, you cannot move out of the house before the court declares it your homestead.

    Complete the Declaration of Homestead and send along with the appropriate fee to:
    San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerk
    222 W. Hospitality Lane, 1st Floor
    San Bernardino CA 92415-0022

    Declaration of Homestead.


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